tuta is a graphic design run by Alice Lotti and Patrizio Anastasi. We work on visual identity, book design and illustration. We spend each day studying the best design process for creating simple, functional solutions.

We mainly work on graphic design, brand identity, publishing and illustration. We like simple things and we believe in a world where communication is effective when it is direct. We builds identity systems combining process and research, in order to create comfortable and customized outfits able to evolve themselves.

We believe in the values of teaching. Since 2016 we teach Basic Design and illustration at the European Institute of Design. We also develop illustration and graphic design workshops for children and adult.

Services — Print and editorial design: books, publications, posters, stationery, packaging — Branding and strategy: brand and corporate identities, brand positioning, competitor analysis, creative direction, logos and trademarks, naming — Exhibition: visual identities, exhibition installations, Signage and wayfinding — Online and digital: websites, apps, animated graphics.

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