75 litri

75 litri is a book about objects, backpacks and imaginary trips. Liter is a unit of measurement for rucksack capacity. A 75 litri backpack is a confortable, spacious and sturdy container, perfect for any adventure. How important are the objects in our lives? Who does not jealously guard at least one? Who has never felt affection for an object and who has never picked up shards of bottles on the beach? Objects are an integral part of our lives, they tell about us, they delineate our character and our emotions. 75 litri project has the aim of exploring the relationship between man, object and imaginary journey through an illustrated anthology, a visual-narrative archive able to interpret and translate various points of view on the subject matter. 9 illustrators working at national and international levels were involved to create the 75 litri anthology. The book was designed by tuta during Sasso Recidency in Switzerland, in August 2016.