75 litri is a book about objects, backpacks and imaginary trips. Liter is a unit of measurement for rucksack capacity. A 75 litri backpack is a confortable, spacious and sturdy container, perfect for any adventure.

How important are the objects in our lives? Who does not jealously guard at least one? Who has never felt affection for an object and who has never picked up shards of bottles on the beach? Objects are an integral part of our lives, they tell about us, they delineate our character and our emotions. 75 litri project has the aim of exploring the relationship between man, object and imaginary journey through an illustrated anthology, a visual-narrative archive able to interpret and translate various points of view on the subject matter.

Technical Features

↣ 185x240 cm format
↣ 76 pages
↣ edition of 240 copies
↣ Risograph printed in 3 colors by Inuit
↣ screen printed cover
↣ book paper 150 and 200 gr Munken Pure
↣ cover paper 170 gr Favini Burano

9 illustrators working at national and international levels were involved to create the 75 litri anthology. The book was designed by tuta during a recidency in Switzerland, in August 2016.

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Meet the authors

Cristina Spanò — Travellers

I imagined several possible types of travelers (those who have become travelers for will or fatality) as characters in a role-playing game. Each of them with a super power characterized by a personal element.


Josè Ja Ja Ja — Jose's land

My trip was some uncommon. I just remember falling asleep and after I appeared inside of a weird world. It was very hot and I started to walk. I didn't know where I was going. I just walked. The landscape was changed constantly and I remind to visualize a very strange plants. This plants after to tranform in a very big castle and this castle to transform in a very beautiful black car. This car would run over me and I had to run very fast for trying to survive. I ran for several minutes until the car dissapears and in that moment I was in a very old amusement park... several seconds after, I was other time on my bed, in my bedroom.


Alice Lotti — Il Monte Analogo

Mount Analogue is a place that exists by analogy, its base is accessible and the top remains inaccessible to mankind. The illustrations tell the incredible journey of a group of 8 explorers that, on board of Impossible Ship, depart from west to east in search of the origins, to discover the path that connects the human world to the world of eternity. “In the high mountains - he said - there is no place for the fantastic, because, there, reality is per sé wonderful, more than anything a man can imagine”. Mount Analogue, René Daumal, 1940-44


Anne Baier — Wild Bird

I had to go. I followed the wild bird. Left the city for a long time, left the waste behind. Said goodbye to friends, family, streets, confusions. Placed one foot in front of the other. And so on. Walked across these landscapes, across these countless thoughts. Left them behind. Leaves, clouds, the sun. Chirping, rustling, purling. I found a place. With perfect ease.


Pablo Delcielo — Viaje al fondo del jardín

You will see water all around and you will think about those lighting bolts crushing into trees and those other lighting bolts coming out of his eyes. Weird fishes looking at you. One of your friends is asking how deep can you go into the water, someone's talking about rip currents. You keep swimming. Just keep swimming. I guess that would be my only advice for this trip, keep moving your feet, keep kicking, move your arms around once in a while, take deep breaths.


Patrizio Anastasi — Swimming pools

My contribution formed and developed in Switzerland, during Sasso Residency, the program to which I participated for a month. The thing that struck me the most during my stay was the luxury and comfort, at times embarrassing, that dominated that holiday resort for the wealthy. Private swimming pools, no one inside, in almost every home, super cars anywhere, even in the woods, and private areas where houses and fences were standing. The contrast between the nature and the ostentatious display fascinated and disgusted me at the same time. My trip started, and, I guess, remained there, in that non-place full of trees, mountains and souped-up cars.


Alessandra De Cristofaro — Casa

It is a journey back home, a return, and along with a few things stuck in the backpack I would put even the sky of the last night before departure.


Massimiliano Di Lauro — The Lisbon list

This list is not drafted by me, but by my traveling companion. This is a list of things to take with us on a journey that lasted 44 days and that reached the following stops: Bari, Rome, Lisbon, Cascais, Evora, Obidos, Aveiro, Costa Nova, Port, La Coruna, Madrid, Rome, Bari. A trip born for fun, improvised, a beautiful journey, not an escape, a start, a reset, a salvation. It was a well-made list because all the listed things served for something and, unlike what it may seem, they were all in a backpack.


Tommaso Nava — Uomini nudi

My trip is before major changes, with 2 friends. We never talk about what will be after. There is uncertainty, but we do not say it, there is hope. On board a Volkswagen Westfalia van, those with raising roof. We listen to a lot of songs on tape that we can sing. We all drive in turn.


Stefano Riba — Head Luggage

At that moment, the lightness of the luggage became lightness of mind. Excluding the useful things (the bed, the table, two cabinets, the dishes, clothes and books) all unnecessary objects were closed in two boxes. Inside was just that belonging to my teenage bedroom, as if from 15 to 35 years I had not kept anything that was not functional to something.

Stefano Riba — Art Curator — vandergallery.com

Pier Mattiel — Interview

Have you ever collected anything?
The only thing that I have collected in my life, all the way and with determination, is the 82 Alpine peaks of at least 4,000 meters that I climbed. Today again, tens of years away, affect my way of proceeding in the mountains both professionally and for pleasure.

Pier Mattiel — Alpine Guide —